A Comprehensive Look at Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

women laying in a field - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis
women laying in a field - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis
women laying in a field - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Dante Kim

March 31st, 2024

Are you struggling with finding the perfect color palette that complements your natural beauty? Understanding the differences between Autumn and Spring color analysis types can help you discover the right shades to enhance your appearance. Identifying which color season you fall under can make shopping for clothes, accessories, and makeup a breeze. In this blog, we will delve into the Autumn vs. Spring color analysis to help you unlock your full style potential. Let's explore the characteristics of each season and how they can guide you in choosing the best hues for your skin tone.

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Understanding Personal Color Analysis

women sitting and enjoying - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Spring Color Analysis

Spring individuals have warm undertones with a low contrast between light hair and light, fresh skin with apricot and pink shades. Their eyes range from blue to light brown, and hair colors include honey blond, ash blond, chestnut with reddish highlights, and caramel. Springs tan easily, and bright colors complement them best. 

Summer Color Analysis

Summer types have a cool undertone with light skin and a low contrast. Their eyes are typically fair, and hair colors range from ash blonde to mousey light brown. Summers may not tan well, and their colors are soft and calm. 

Autumn Color Analysis

Autumns have a warm undertone with rich, blended colors. Their eyes are hazel, amber, or brown, and they sport hair colors like copper, auburn, or rich brown. These individuals have golden or gentle pink-toned skin and should opt for soft, rich colors.

Winter Color Analysis

Winter types are characterized by a cool undertone with a high contrast between features. Their eyes are clear, cool, and bright, while hair colors are dark and saturated or ashy, without golden undertones. Winters have blue undertones in their skin and should go for bold, clear, and bright colors like true black, bold pink, and snow white.

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Autumn Vs. Spring Color Analysis

woman posing with hat on - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Types of Autumn Color Analysis: Dark, Warm, and Soft Autumns

Autumn is a warm-toned season that thrives in rich, deep colors. There are three subsets of the Autumn color palette: dark (or deep) autumn, warm (or true) autumn, and soft autumn. Each subset has distinct characteristics that make them unique. Dark autumns typically have darker hair colors with warmer undertones, while warm autumns have reddish hair colors and clear, warm skin undertones. 

On the other hand, soft autumns have low-contrast hair colors and skin tones that are slightly warm with a beige or ivory complexion. Your eyes and hair color can offer clues to what subset of Autumn you might fall into.

Types of Spring Color Analysis: True, Warm, Bright, and Light Springs

Spring is another warm-toned season but presents with a light, fresh complexion. There are four subsets of the Spring color palette: 

True spring

True springs tend to have a balance of warm, bright, and light characteristics, with golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes. 

Warm spring

Warm springs have a noticeable warmth in their skin, hair, and eye color, often with golden to strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

Bright spring

Bright springs are known for clarity and brightness in their appearance, with high contrast between their skin, hair, and eye color.

Light spring

Light springs have a lightness to their look, resembling classic Summers with ash blonde hair and blue eyes.

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What are the Key Differences Between Autumn and Spring Colors

women in a field - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Undertones in Autumn and Spring Colors

Autumn colors have warm undertones with shades like rich browns, deep greens, and warm purples that reflect the earthy and intense palette of the season. Spring colors also have warm undertones but are more vibrant and clear compared to Autumn, featuring shades like bright oranges, greens, and blues that embody the lively and fresh palette of the season.

Contrast in Autumn and Spring Colors

High-contrast colors like coppers, olive greens, and warm blues are flattering for Autumn, creating a striking and harmonious look. Low-contrast colors like warm browns, olive greens, and ivory are ideal for Springs, enhancing their natural radiance and providing a youthful glow.

Colors to Avoid for Autumns and Springs

Autumns should steer clear of pastels, dusky shades, and bright whites that may not complement their warm undertones effectively. Springs should avoid pastel blues, fuchsia, and true black and white tones that might wash them out or clash with their warm undertones.

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How Do You Determine Your Season Color

couple enjoying in a jungle - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Consider Your Undertones

Undertones play a crucial role in identifying your season. Look at your skin, hair, and eye colors to determine if you have warm or cool undertones. Undertones can be warm, cool, or neutral, and they reveal whether you should lean towards autumn or spring colors. 

Evaluate Hue, Value, and Chroma


Determine if you suit warm, neutral, or cool colors based on your undertones.


Assess if you suit light, medium, or dark colors depending on the contrast between your features.


Decide if you suit highly saturated or muted colors based on the brightness of your natural coloring. Understanding these elements can guide you in selecting the right colors for your personal style. 

Use Draping and Photos

For a hands-on approach, drape different colored fabrics near your face to see which colors enhance your features. You can also take well-lit photos of yourself and turn them into black and white to assess the contrast in your face, which can help determine your season. Visual aids can provide valuable insights into which colors complement your natural coloring, helping you narrow down your ideal color palette

Take a Quiz or Test

Seasonal color analysis quizzes focus on how colors flatter or don't flatter you, rather than just your hair, eye, or skin tone. These tests can offer a comprehensive evaluation of your color preferences and help identify your season accurately. By answering specific questions about your appearance and style preferences, you can pinpoint the colors that work best for you.

Unlock Your Colors and Transform Your Style

WhatColors helps you find what colors to wear based off on your skin tone. Get your season based off on our skin tone, thanks to our patented color match technology. Get the perfect colors based off on your season. Avoid colors that are a definite no. Based off on your skin, eye and hair color find the perfect nail colors with our WhatColors Nail Color Generator.

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What Are the Benefits of Seasonal Color Analysis

woman in a field walking - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Dressing Becomes Easier

Knowing what colors suit you and how to wear them makes creating outfits quicker and simpler.

Save Money

By avoiding purchasing items that don't suit you, you can save money and prevent unworn clothes from cluttering your wardrobe

Increase in Confidence

Wearing colors that complement you can boost your confidence as you feel good in what you wear and receive extra compliments

Shopping is Less Overwhelming

With a clear understanding of your best shades, shopping becomes more focused and efficient, reducing the stress of decision-making in stores

A More Coordinated Wardrobe

Your wardrobe naturally becomes more coordinated as you learn to match colors effectively, providing you with more outfit options from fewer clothes

Find Your Best Shades in Clothes and Makeup

Seasonal color analysis helps you identify the right shades for your clothing and makeup, making it easier to select colors that enhance your natural features

Look Younger

Harmonious colors can enhance your natural beauty, giving you a youthful appearance by bringing out the best in your eyes, hair tones, and skin

Streamline Your Closet

By narrowing down your color palette to your best shades, your closet becomes more cohesive, making it easier to mix and match your clothing items effectively

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Autumn vs. Spring Color Trends for 2024

women with flowers in hand - Autumn Vs Spring Color Analysis

Warm and Rich Hues

Autumn is all about warm and rich colors like burgundy, mustard yellow, rust orange, and tree bark brown. These hues reflect the changing leaves and the cozy vibe of autumn. The colors resonate with the season’s earthy and intense palette, bringing a sense of warmth and richness to your wardrobe. Think of deep greens, warm purples, and intense shades that perfectly match the autumn scenery.

Vibrant and Intense Shades

Autumn trends might feature intense and vibrant colors that create a high contrast and complement the warm undertones of Autumn individuals. The goal is to choose colors that enhance the natural radiance of your skin and create a youthful glow. With an array of vibrant and intense tones to choose from, you can easily find the perfect shade to elevate your autumn fashion game.

Bright and Lively Colors

Spring is all about bright and lively colors that embody the freshness and vibrancy of the season. Expect to see coral, aqua, and pastels dominating the spring color palette. These colors capture the essence of spring, evoking a sense of renewal and freshness. Clear, warm, and vibrant shades that enhance the natural radiance of Spring individuals and provide a youthful glow are also popular in spring fashion trends. 

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Fall into Autumn: Embrace the Warmth of Autumn Colors

Autumn is characterized by rich, warm tones that reflect the changing colors of the leaves. Individuals with autumn undertones typically have warm skin, eyes, and hair, which harmonize beautifully with earthy hues like terracotta, olive green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange. With WhatColors, you can unlock a palette that enhances your natural radiance and helps you exude confidence with every outfit.

Spring into Style: Embrace the Freshness of Spring Colors

Spring brings to mind rejuvenation and freshness, much like the colors that define this season. If you have cool undertones in your skin, eyes, and hair, you likely fall into the spring category. Soft pastels like baby blue, blush pink, lavender, and mint green are perfect for bringing out your natural glow and adding a touch of elegance to your look. Let WhatColors guide you in selecting the most flattering hues for your spring-inspired wardrobe.

Nail Your Style with WhatColors' Nail Color Generator

Your quest for the perfect colors doesn't end with your clothes. WhatColors also offers a Nail Color Generator that helps you pick nail shades that complement your unique features. Whether you're looking for a bold statement color or a subtle nude, our app ensures that your nails always look on point.

Reinventing Your Style with WhatColors

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