The Ultimate Guide to Soft Winter Color Analysis and Styling

woman dressed for winter - Soft Winter Color Analysis
woman dressed for winter - Soft Winter Color Analysis
woman dressed for winter - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Dante Kim

April 9th, 2024

Unveiling the secrets of soft winter color analysis can be a game-changer for everyone looking to enhance their appearance. Understanding the hues that complement your skin tone can help you select the perfect wardrobe to highlight your beauty. Discovering the color palette that works best for you can make shopping a breeze, saving you both time and money. Delving deep into the world of color analysis types, soft winter color analysis takes the guesswork out of dressing for success.

Table of Contents

Overview of Personal Color Analysis

woman enjoying weather - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Seasonal color analysis is a system that helps individuals find the most flattering colors for their skin tone, eye, and hair color. By identifying one's seasonal palette, it becomes easier to choose hues that enhance natural coloring, creating a harmonious and polished look. For Soft Winters, those with cool undertones and muted coloring, finding the right shades can significantly impact their appearance.

The Soft Winter Color Palette

Soft Winters fall under the Winter season, known for their cool undertones and deep coloring. The Soft Winter palette includes shades that are soft, muted, and cool-toned, avoiding overly warm or bright colors that can overpower their natural coloring. Colors like icy blues, soft grays, dusty pinks, and slate greens are particularly flattering for Soft Winters, enhancing their features and creating a balanced look.

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Understanding the Soft Winter Color Palette

woman in a beach - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Definition of Soft Winter within an Expanded Color Analysis System

The Soft Winter subseason is typically found in expanded versions of seasonal color analysis that go beyond the traditional 12-season system. These expanded systems, which often include 16 or more categories, are designed to offer a more nuanced and personalized approach to color analysis. This recognizes that individuals' coloring can be quite specific and may not fit perfectly within the original 12 categories.

Diving Deeper into Soft Winter Characteristics

Soft Winter is a blend that marries the cool, vivid essence of Winter with the soft, muted tones of Autumn. Unlike True Winter, which thrives on high contrast and saturated hues, Soft Winter is defined by a more subdued palette that emphasizes a harmonious blend of coolness and softness.


Predominantly cool, with a foundation in Winter's icy clarity. The edges of these cool tones are softened, avoiding the starkness or brightness that can overwhelm softer features.


Soft Winter palettes include muted versions of Winter's colors, such as plum, teal, soft navy, grey, and cool, soft whites. These colors maintain a cool base but are less intense, providing a sophisticated and approachable look.


While high contrast can be striking for True Winters, Soft Winters benefit from medium to low contrast in their outfits, aligning with their softer overall appearance.

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How To Do A Soft Winter Color Analysis Test

woman enjoying the weather - Soft Winter Color Analysis

DIY Color Analysis

For a DIY analysis, start with bare skin and grab your color swatches. Check your skin tone to determine if it leans towards warm or cool undertones, which helps establish if you have a warm or cool undertone. Test the swatches by holding each color sample up to your face to see how it complements your features. Keep the colors that enhance your beauty and discard the ones that don't. 

Select your top colors that make you look great, as these are part of the 16-season color analysis system. Snap some pictures to compare results. If you prefer a more tech-savvy method, use a color analysis app to upload a clear, well-lit selfie without makeup. The app will suggest color palette options based on your features and may confirm your DIY findings or provide new insights.

Professional Color Analysis

Despite DIY and app-based analyses being informative, a session with a professional color analyst is highly recommended. A professional can determine your seasonal color palette, such as Soft Winter, using precise techniques like draping. They can offer detailed guidance on how to integrate your palette into your wardrobe and makeup choices for the best results. 

To find a professional color analyst, research certified analysts from reputable image consultant associations, check reviews and portfolios to assess their skills, and schedule a consultation to understand their process and how they can assist you.

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How to Build a Soft Winter Wardrobe

woman in winter cloths - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Understand Your Palette

Soft Winter Palette

A Soft Winter wardrobe is all about cool, muted shades. Think dusky pinks, muted blues, soft burgundies, cool grays, and rich greens. Soft black or charcoal helps avoid harsh contrasts

Soft Textures

Look for fabrics like wool, cashmere, and soft, matte finishes that complement the muted aspect of your colors.

Foundation Pieces

Neutral Basics

Start with soft charcoal, navy, and cool grey for versatile basics. Use these as the foundation for your wardrobe, ideal for pants, skirts, jackets, and coats

Layering Pieces

Add tops, blouses, and t-shirts in softer colors like muted teal or soft raspberry. Mix and match these with your neutrals for effortless style.

Accent Colors and Pieces

Rich Hues

Introduce accent pieces in richer hues of your palette, like plum or soft olive, to add depth to your outfits. Opt for patterns with blended watercolor-like prints or soft geometric patterns.


Brighten Your Face

Choose scarves and jewelry in your color palette to bring focus upwards. Silver and pewter metals complement the coolness of your palette

Shoes and Bags

Stick to neutrals for versatility or choose muted versions of your accent colors for a cohesive look.

Practical Tips

Wardrobe Audit

Regularly review your wardrobe to ensure it aligns with your Soft Winter palette. Donate or remove items that are outside your colors to maintain a cohesive wardrobe.

Shopping Strategy

Stick to your color palette when shopping. Use fabric swatches or a digital palette on your phone to avoid impulse buys outside your colors.

Mix and Match

Focus on versatility by choosing pieces that can be easily mixed and matched for maximum outfit combinations with fewer items.

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Soft Winter Fashion Examples and Inspirations

person by the pool - Soft Winter Color Analysis

Here, we have curated a collection of images showcasing Soft Winter outfits and color combinations to inspire you to visualize and embrace the Soft Winter palette.

1. Keira Knightley

Keira often gravitates toward cool-toned colors like icy blues, deep grays, and soft purples, exuding sophistication and understated glamour.

2. Cate Blanchett

Cate effortlessly transitions between roles and fashion choices favoring muted shades of navy, charcoal, and cool burgundy, showcasing timeless elegance.

3. Chris Hemsworth

Representing the Soft Winter palette, Chris opts for tailored suits in deep blues, slate grays, and rich charcoal.

4. Eddie Redmayne

Eddie’s style leans toward classic tailoring with deep blues, forest greens, and slate grays, resonating with the Soft Winter color harmony.

5. Natalie Portman

Natalie embraces cool-toned neutrals like dove gray and icy blue, creating harmonious looks that complement her features.

6. Anne Hathaway

Midnight blues and cool mauves are Anne’s go-to Soft Winter shades, exuding sophistication and versatility.

7. Rooney Mara

Rooney’s edgy yet elegant style features black, navy, and deep plum, capturing the essence of the Soft Winter palette beautifully.

8. Tom Hiddleston

Tom’s refined taste aligns with Soft Winter hues, embracing cool grays, deep blues, and subtle purples in his classic and casual ensembles.

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WhatColors is a fantastic tool for helping you discover the colors that work best with your skin tone. By using our innovative color-matching technology, you can determine which season you fall into based on your skin tone. Once you know your season, you can identify the colors that will suit you best. 

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