The Ultimate Guide To Deep Autumn Color Analysis

woman holding an autumn leaf - Deep Autumn Color Analysis
woman holding an autumn leaf - Deep Autumn Color Analysis
woman holding an autumn leaf - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Dante Kim

March 30th, 2024

Are you curious about the different color analysis types? Deep autumn color analysis will help you find the colors that best suit your skin tone. This blog post will provide you with all the information you need to understand how deep autumn color analysis can help you find the best colors for your wardrobe. We will break down the color analysis types to help you determine which one is the best fit for you!

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What is Deep Autumn Color Analysis?

people in a jungle - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Deep Autumn is one of the variations of the Autumn palette, as part of the seasonal color analysis system. This system categorizes individual color palettes based on the four seasons of the year: 

  • Winter

  • Spring

  • Summer

  • Autumn

Deep Autumns have a rich and warm complexion with deep, earthy undertones. Skin tones are usually golden or olive with a warm overtone, and hair colors range from medium to dark brown, as well as auburn and chestnut. Deep Autumn eye colors often include deep hazel, warm green, or dark brown eyes.

Deep Autumn colors are rich, warm, and spicy, reflecting the hues of autumn foliage. These shades include deep, warm greens, earthy browns, pumpkin orange, dark olive, and warm gold. Deep Autumns look best in colors that are deep, warm, and rich, with a lot of warm undertones. They should avoid pastels or colors that are too cool or bright.

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What are the Characteristics of Deep Autumn?

different color themes of autumn - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Deep Autumns are classified based on their warm hue, dark value, and neutral chroma. Their warm hue undertone always tends towards red but can have overtones of gray or violet, leading to confusion between deep autumn and deep winter. The dark value is characteristic of depth and darkness, with all deep autumns having this defining feature. The neutral chroma varies, with some types needing grayer tones and others able to handle brighter colors.

Manifestation in Skin Tone, Hair, and Eye Color

Skin Tone

Deep Autumn individuals have warm undertones ranging from fair to dark. Their skin tone might exhibit golden, olive, or neutral undertones leaning towards warmth. Typically, they tan easily and have a rich depth to their skin color.

Hair Color

Hair colors in Deep Autumn types range from medium brown to black-brown, often with warm highlights like golden brown, auburn, or warm chestnut. The hair is characterized by depth and warmth.

Eye Color

Eyes are usually deep and rich in color, such as dark brown, hazel with gold or brown flecks, or deep olive green.

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How do You Determine if You Are a Deep Autumn?

woman sitting on road - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

DIY Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Determining if you're a Deep Autumn begins with identifying specific characteristics. Firstly, ensure your undertone is warm with a hint of red in your skin, eyes, and hair. Next, observe that your coloring is deep and intense, leaning towards darker shades. 

You should also look for warm and earthy colors with slight hints of neutrality or muted tones. Consider the contrast between your hair, skin tone, and eye color, aiming for a low to medium contrast with rich brown tones. Finally, Deep Autumn eyes may be brown, hazel, green, or a mix of gray-brown tones.

Professional Analysis

A trained analyst usually conducts a professional Deep Autumn color analysis, lasting around 2 to 3 hours. During the consultation, they use a sophisticated process and color science principles to pinpoint your warm, deep, and muted color characteristics. 

This analysis helps determine the colors that naturally harmonize with your appearance. You may receive tailored recommendations for mineral powder, blush, and lipsticks suited to your personal coloring, providing a personalized color palette to enhance your beauty.

Self-Guided Tests

Free online tests provide the opportunity to experiment at home. Through these tests, you can assess your color characteristics conveniently. With WhatColors’ AI Personal Color Analysis app, you can unlock your colors and transform your style based on your skin tone. Discover your season and get personalized color recommendations that align with your natural coloring. Download the app for free today on the App Store or Google Play store.

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Styling Dos & Don’ts For Deep Autumns

makeup set of a woman - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

If you are a Deep Autumn, colors that best complement your golden glow include warm, rich tones such as cranberry, yellow gold, plum, chocolate brown, ripe aubergine, forest green, deep mustard, pumpkin, wine, midnight teal, olive, camel, boysenberry, Dijon mustard, warm honey, and dark forest-inspired shades of green. These hues enhance your warm, deep, and muted characteristics, creating a harmonious visual impact.

Makeup Choices for Deep Autumns

Deep Autumns look stunning in warm-toned makeup like deep red lipstick, bronze eyeshadow, spiced cinnamon, terracotta blush, and warm, dark browns for hair colors.

Avoid Light and Cool Colors

Pale and cool-toned colors can wash out your natural depth and warmth. Avoid pure white, pastel pink, mauve, blue-gray, silver, bright red, and bright orange as these colors can look odd against your honey glow.

Patterns with Contrasting Colors

Choose patterns and prints with tones from a Deep Autumn’s color palette, opting for high-contrast prints with light and dark colors to make your natural depth pop among the details. Choose prints with dark backgrounds and colorful images with light and dark accents.

Jewelry and Accessories

Wear brass, gold, bronze, and pewter accessories to complement your neutral-warm skin tone as these yellower tones highlight your natural warm glow. Avoid metals with cool undertones like silver or white gold, which can overpower your warm undertones and wash you out.

WhatColors and Color Analysis

Unlock your colors and transform your style for free today with WhatColors’ AI Personal Color Analysis app. Download our app for free today on the App Store or Google Play Store to discover the perfect colors based on your season. Avoid colors that are a definite no by finding the perfect colors based on your skin, eye, and hair color with the WhatColors Nail Color Generator.

Dark Autumn Celebrities and Fashion Icons

woman enjoying sunset - Deep Autumn Color Analysis

Freida Pinto

Radiates warmth and depth with her rich, warm skin tone and dark hair.

Angela Bassett

Exemplifies Deep Autumn beauty with her warm undertones and vibrant presence.

Rashida Jones

Captures the essence of Deep Autumn with her olive skin tone and warm features.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Embodies Deep Autumn charm with his warm complexion and expressive eyes.

Samantha Harris

Shines as a Deep Autumn with her warm complexion and dark, lustrous hair.

Minka Kelly

A perfect Deep Autumn, showcasing rich, warm hair and a glowing, olive complexion.

Halle Berry

Defines Deep Autumn allure with her caramel skin tone and versatile beauty.

Gabrielle Union

Radiates as a Deep Autumn through her deep, warm skin and captivating eyes.

Julia Roberts

Demonstrates Deep Autumn warmth with her rich hair color and golden-hued skin.

Daniel Kaluuya

Represents Deep Autumn with his deep skin tone and intense features.

Jason Momoa

Iconic for his Deep Autumn traits, characterized by warm, earthy tones.

Ryan Reynolds

Showcases Deep Autumn tendencies through warm hair tones against his contrasted complexion.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Exudes Deep Autumn elegance with golden skin and warm eyes.

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