Tips and Tricks to Pick the Best Colors for Pale Skin Every Time

woman with pale skin - Best Colors For Pale Skin
woman with pale skin - Best Colors For Pale Skin
woman with pale skin - Best Colors For Pale Skin

Dante Kim

April 22nd, 2024

Are you tired of trying to find the right colors that work well with your pale skin? Don't worry, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will discuss the best colors for pale skin. You will learn which colors will enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident in your skin. So, read on to discover the perfect Skin tone colors for your complexion.

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What are the Best Colors for Pale Skin in General

woman with light on her face - Best Colors For Pale Skin

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a stunning shade that looks fantastic on pale skin tones, particularly for those with cool undertones. This jewel tone instantly brightens your face and enhances your features, making it a perfect choice for those with blue or green eyes. Not only does emerald green add vibrancy to your complexion, but it can also be worn as a statement piece or as part of a monochrome ensemble to make a bold fashion statement.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is another jewel tone that complements fair skin beautifully. This vibrant shade adds a pop of color to your skin and creates a striking contrast against light tones. Cobalt blue is a versatile color that suits both cool and warm undertones, making it a go-to choice for individuals with pale skin. Pair it with denim for a chic and effortless look that garners compliments wherever you go.

Navy Blue

Navy blue serves as an excellent alternative to black for those with very fair skin who want to avoid harsh tones that may age them. This classic and timeless color is easy to style with other neutrals, such as white, ivory, beige, gray, and even black. Navy blue pairs well with both gold and silver jewelry, making it a versatile option for any occasion.


Aqua is a bright jewel tone that stands out against light skin tones, making it an ideal choice for those with pale skin. This vibrant and seasonless color can be paired with various outfits, from white jeans in spring and summer to deeper blues, navy, or metallics in fall and winter. Whether you have blue eyes or simply want to add a refreshing pop of color to your look, aqua is a fantastic choice for individuals with pale skin.


Red is a striking color that can look particularly beautiful on individuals with very pale skin. Depending on your undertone, you can choose warm reds like brick, merlot, or tomato for a warm complexion or cool reds like ruby, cherry, or crimson for a cool undertone. By selecting the right shade of red, you can create a lovely contrast, brighten your complexion, and exude confidence and power in any setting.

Deep Purple

Deep purple is a bold and beautiful color that complements cool undertones, making it an excellent choice for those with pale skin. Whether you opt for shades like burgundy, eggplant, or plum, deep purple adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your outfit. As a color associated with wealth and royalty, deep purple makes a statement and enhances your overall appearance.


Pink comes in various shades, each suitable for different undertones. If you have cool undertones, opt for fuchsia, berry, or rose shades, while warm undertones pair well with peachy pinks, coral, or orangey pinks. Pink is a feminine and youthful color that suits nearly every skin tone, so feel free to experiment with different shades to find the perfect pink for your complexion.


Yellow can be a tricky color for pale skin, but bright lemon yellows are typically the best choice for individuals with very fair skin. The key to wearing yellow effectively is to select a shade that contrasts rather than matches your skin tone, ensuring that the color brings warmth and vibrancy to your complexion. Experiment with different shades of yellow to find the one that suits you best.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown is a rich and versatile color that looks amazing on pale skin, especially for those seeking a contrast that highlights their features. This deep and dark hue serves as a great alternative to black, providing a sophisticated and elegant touch to any outfit. Whether you're wearing chocolate brown as a statement piece or incorporating it as a neutral base, this color complements pale skin beautifully.

Pastel Shades

Pastel colors like lavender, baby blue, and mint green can enhance the natural radiance of pale skin tones, particularly for individuals with cool undertones. While pastel hues are commonly associated with spring and summer, they can also be worn in fall and winter to add a touch of freshness to your wardrobe. To prevent looking washed out, balance your pastel outfits with stronger shades and accessories for a well-rounded and polished look.

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How Do Undertones Affect the Choice of Colors for Pale Skin?

skinny woman standing - Best Colors For Pale Skin

When it comes to determining the best colors for pale skin, it's crucial to understand the concept of undertones. There are three traditional undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Warm undertones range from peach to yellow and golden, often including sallow skin. Cool undertones include pink and bluish hues. If you have a neutral undertone, it means your undertones are roughly the same color as your actual skin tone. 

Your undertone isn’t the same thing as your natural tone or the color of your naked skin before you apply foundation. Even the fairest skin can have warm undertones, and darker skin can have cool undertones. This is why matching your product to your skin color can become problematic when selecting makeup — it usually doesn’t blend with the natural hues just below the surface of your skin.

Best Colors for Warm Undertones

For those with warm undertones, colors that complement these undertones include rich earth tones, warm reds, golden yellows, peaches, and rich browns. When it comes to pale skin, pastel shades and soft colors can wash out warm undertones. Instead, opt for deeper shades like mustard, olive, and rust.

Best Colors for Cool Undertones

If you have cool undertones, seek out colors that bring out the best in your complexion. Cool undertones pair beautifully with jewel tones, purples, blues, and greens. For pale skin with cool undertones, avoid colors like orange and yellow, as they can make your skin appear sallow. Instead, opt for icy pastels and jewel tones.

Best Colors for Neutral Undertones

Pale skin with neutral undertones can be a bit more versatile when it comes to color choices. While warmer shades like peach and golden yellow can complement neutral undertones, cool colors like jewel tones and icy pastels can also work well. When choosing colors for neutral undertones, aim for balance and avoid extreme shades that may overwhelm your complexion.

How to Determine the Best Colors for Your Pale Skin

woman after applying make up - Best Colors For Pale Skin

Using Color Analysis Apps to Determine the Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

Color analysis apps are a convenient method to identify the most flattering colors for your skin tone. These apps usually utilize your phone's camera to assess your skin and provide suggestions on the best colors for you.

Professional Color Consultations for Personalized Color Palettes

Professional color consultations offer a more detailed way to establish the most flattering colors for your skin tone. During a consultation, a professional color analyst will evaluate your skin tone, hair color, and eye color to determine which hues complement you best. 

They will provide you with a personalized color palette that includes the best shades for your skin tone, as well as recommendations on how to incorporate these colors into your wardrobe and makeup. These consultations can be carried out in-person or online.

DIY Methods to Determine Your Skin Tone: Vein Test and Fabric Swatches

DIY methods such as the vein test or using fabric swatches under natural light can also be efficient in identifying your skin tone and undertone. To do the vein test, look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Blue or purple veins usually indicate cool undertones, while green veins suggest warm undertones. 

Using fabric swatches under natural light is another method. Hold different colored fabrics up to your face and observe which ones make your skin look brighter and more vibrant. This can help you discover the best colors for your skin tone and create a personalized color palette.

Discover Your Perfect Colors with WhatColors

WhatColors helps you find what colors to wear based off on your skin tone. Get your season based off on our skin tone, thanks to our patented color match technology. Get the perfect colors based off on your season. Avoid colors that are a definite no. Based off on your skin, eye and hair color find the perfect nail colors with our WhatColors Nail Color Generator.

Unlock your colors and transform your style for free today with WhatColors’ AI Personal Color Analysis app. Download our app for free today on the App Store or Google Play store.

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Makeup and Accessory Tips for Enhancing Pale Skin

woman with make up - Best Colors For Pale Skin

Foundation For Pale Skin

Finding the right foundation for pale skin can be really difficult as many foundation shades are simply not light enough to perfectly match very pale, porcelain skin.

The first step in finding your perfect foundation is knowing your undertone. Although you have pale skin, you cannot simply opt for the palest shade available in your favorite foundation. Many of us with pale skin have a pink undertone to our skin whereas others have a slightly warmer, more yellow undertone. Once you have identified your undertone, you can go on to find a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone.

1. MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

With such a vast shade range, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is a wonderful base product to use if you want to create a long-lasting, soft matte complexion. The oil-free foundation helps to control shine whilst blurring imperfections for a beautiful, flawless base.

2. Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation

Create a dewy, natural finish with the Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation, a long-wearing foundation that adds serious glow and luminosity to the skin. The ultra-lightweight foundation glides over your complexion, offering semi-sheer coverage that looks just like skin. The perfect light base for even the most fair skin.

3. NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Create your perfect base with the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. Apply one thin layer for a barely-there, sheer finish or build up for a high coverage, flawless base that lasts all day long.

Top tip

If you have very pale skin, try mixing the Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in shade 01 into your favorite liquid foundation to create your perfect shade.

Concealer For Pale Skin

Dark circles and uneven pigmentation are often more noticeable on pale complexions. Finding the right concealer that perfectly matches your skin tone and brightens up any dull areas is the perfect way to create the illusion of a flawless complexion.

Whether you prefer a lightweight, brightening concealer or a heavy-duty creamy product, finding your perfect skin-flattering shade is essential.

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer

Conceal and cover dark circles and imperfections with the iconic Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. The rich creamy formula comes in a wide range of shades to help to completely cover the appearance of any discoloration on the skin. With a slightly peachy undertone, the Creamy Concealer works wonders for counteracting any dark circles under the eyes, particularly on pale skin.

2. By Terry Touche Veloutée Liquid Concealer

Perfect for on-the-go application, the By Terry Veloutée Liquid Concealer illuminates and conceals, gliding effortlessly over the skin to deliver matte, crease-free coverage. 1 - Porcelain is the perfect shade for those with very pale skin as the skin-flattering shade blends beautifully into the skin for a barely-there finish.

3. EX1 Cosmetics Delete Fluide Concealer

The EX1 Cosmetics Delete Fluide Concealer in shade 0.1 is a dreamy concealer for super pale skin tones. Rich in pigment and creamy in formula, the Delete Fluide blends effortlessly, delivering high coverage without feeling heavy or cakey on the skin.

How to Build a Wardrobe That Complements Your Pale Skin Tone

wardrobe of a woman - Best Colors For Pale Skin

Creating a Wardrobe that Complements Pale Skin Tone

As a pale-skinned individual, it can be challenging to find clothing that complements your natural complexion. To create a wardrobe that consistently flatters your pale skin tone, it is essential to focus on colors that enhance your features. 

Opt for jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red to make your skin stand out. Lighter shades such as pastels and neutrals can soften your appearance and create a more flattering look. Adding a touch of sparkle with metallic accents like sequins, beads, or shimmer can also enhance your outfit and bring out the best in your pale skin.

Organizing Your Wardrobe by Color to Maximize Outfit Options

To maximize outfit options that complement your pale skin tone, consider organizing your wardrobe by color. By grouping clothing items in similar hues, you can easily mix and match pieces to create cohesive outfits. Start by identifying colors that work well for pale skin, such as wine, navy, red, pink, aqua, white, black, and charcoal. 

Arrange your clothing items in these color schemes to create a versatile wardrobe that allows you to effortlessly put together flattering outfits. Consider adding occasional metallic colors to your wardrobe to add visual interest and accentuate your pale skin tone.

Try AI Personal Color Analysis For Free Today

Our skin tone plays a significant role in determining what colors look best on us. The first step in finding the best colors for pale skin is to determine your season – whether you are a Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter. Each season is associated with a specific color palette that complements your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. 

By using WhatColors, you can easily unlock your season and transform your style. With our AI Personal Color Analysis app, you can discover the perfect colors that enhance your natural beauty. Say goodbye to mismatched outfits and welcome a wardrobe that truly reflects your personality and enhances your appearance. 

Download our app today and get ready to embrace your best colors for pale skin.

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