What Are the Best Colors for Winter Skin Tone & How to Wear Them Stylishly

Dante Kim

May 4th, 2024

Discovering the best skin tone colors that complement your winter complexion is key to ensuring you look your best all season long. Understanding which colors work best with your skin can help you put your best foot forward when choosing outfits for the season. In this blog, we dive into how you can make the most of your winter complexion with the right choice of colors. Let's get started!

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What Are the Characteristics of the Winter Skin Tone?

gir playing with snow - Colors For Winter Skin Tone

As a Winter, I have a lot of depth to my coloring with bluish or pinkish undertones. 

  • My skin has a bluish or pinkish undertone, with some olive-yellow undertones possibly visible, but to a lesser extent than the cool undertones. 

  • My eyes are intense, and I have a high contrast between my hair color, eye color, and skin tone, or an overall deep look with olive to black skin, dark eyes, and black-brown hair. 

  • My coloring is very vivid, which is why I shine in black and other colors that have a strong jewel quality to them. 

  • My hair is typically very dark, ranging from deep medium brown to jet black. As I age, my hair will turn a grey or salt and pepper color. In some instances, I can have blonde hair, but it is very cool and almost white looking. 

Within the overarching Winter category, there are three subcategories: 

  • Cool

  • Deep

  • Clear

Each of these modifiers has one or two distinguishing features that hopefully will help me determine my very best colors.

The Best Colors For Winter Skin Tone

girn in winter - Colors For Winter Skin Tone

Deep Winter

For people with a Deep Winter skin tone, deep and predominantly cool tones are recommended. These colors include black, midnight blue, forest or petroleum green, charcoal grey, dark purple, burgundy red, or ice white. The deep and vivid nature of these colors resonates well with the cool and intense characteristics of the winter palette, complementing the dark eyes and hair, and medium-dark skin that tans easily.

Cool Winter

Those falling under the Cool Winter subgroup have lighter skin, hair, and eyes, with complexion varying from very fair to medium. The colors that best suit this group include every shade of blue, smoke grey, dark purple, pale pink, and petroleum green. These colors complement the features of Cool Winter individuals, such as brown, grey, or green eyes and light-medium brown hair, enhancing the overall appearance.

Bright Winter

Bright Winter individuals have high contrast and brightness, with blue or green eyes and porcelain skin accompanied by dark hair. Bold and bright colors like fuchsia, meadow green, electric blue, and lemon yellow work best for this group. These colors add vibrancy and energy to the appearance of those with Bright Winter characteristics, enhancing their natural features.

True Winter

For those characterized by cool skin with a lunar appearance, medium-intense brown or dark hair, and deep, dark iris eyes, the True Winter palette is ideal. This group looks best in balanced, intense, and high-contrast colors that resonate with their features. These colors include black, midnight blue, forest or petroleum green, charcoal grey, dark purple, burgundy red, or ice white. 

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Colors to Wear Cautiously if You Have a Winter Skin Tone

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When it comes to choosing colors that flatter winter skin tones, there are certain shades that can make your complexion look less than its best. Bright oranges and yellows, warm browns, beige and nude tones, as well as warm pastels can bring out the cool undertones in your winter complexion, resulting in a less flattering appearance. This doesn’t mean you need to completely avoid these colors. Here are some tips to help you wear these colors without compromising your winter skin tone

Bright Oranges and Yellows

Instead of vibrant oranges and yellows, opt for deeper shades like burnt orange or mustard. Experiment with these shades in skirts or pants, or use them as small accents in your outfit to avoid clashing with your cool undertones

Warm Browns

Cooler browns and grays are more flattering for winter skin tones compared to warmer brown hues like camel or golden brown. Stick to these cooler shades when incorporating brown into your wardrobe

Beige and Nude

If you’re a fan of neutral tones, choose cooler shades like taupe or light gray instead of beige and nude. These cooler tones will complement your winter complexion without washing you out

Warm Pastels

Instead of warm pastel shades like warm pinks or peach, opt for cooler pastels such as icy blue or lavender. These colors will enhance your winter skin tone without creating a stark contrast.

By following these tips and making small adjustments to how you wear these potentially clashing colors, you can still enjoy a versatile and colorful wardrobe that complements your winter skin tone.

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What Are the Best Makeup Colors for Winter Skin Tones

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Foundation & Concealer

Smooth and silky foundation and concealer matching your skin tone are recommended. Avoid strongly yellow-based foundations that clash with cooler complexions

Bronzer & Highlighter

Skip bronzer as it may look unnatural on Winters. Use highlighter sparingly on the cheeks for a natural look

Eye Makeup

Neutral eyeshadow colors like taupes and greys, with accent colors in purples, blues, and greens are suitable. Black mascara is recommended, and eyeliner colors can include blues, greens, and purples

Blush & Lipstick

Blush colors should be chosen based on skin tone, with lighter pinks for lighter skin and darker reds for darker skin tones. Lipstick colors can be deeply intense shades like deep red or purple, avoiding nude or orange-based shades

How to Build a Winter Color Palette

multicolors - Colors For Winter Skin Tone

Primary colors form the base of your wardrobe. For winter skin tones, opt for rich, saturated colors that are strong yet cool


A staple for winter wardrobes that provides a sharp contrast and serves as a strong base.


Crisp and clean, it complements the starkness typical of winter complexions.

Navy Blue

A softer alternative to black that still provides depth and contrast.

Choosing Secondary Colors for a Winter Skin Tone Color Palette

Secondary colors add variety and depth to your wardrobe. These should also be cool-toned but can be a bit more adventurous

Emerald Green

Reflective of jewel tones that illuminate winter skin tones.
Ruby Red: Bold and vibrant, this color can invigorate your primary choices.

Royal Purple

Offers a rich, luxurious feel that plays well against cooler undertones.

Selecting Accent Colors for a Winter Skin Tone Color Palette

Accent colors bring vibrancy and a flash of personality. These colors are used sparingly but effectively


Works as a metallic neutral that matches the coolness of the winter palette.

Bright Pink

Adds a pop of color that can lift the more subdued base tones.

Icy Blues

Reflect light and complement the natural coolness of winter skin tones.

Visualizing with Tools for a Winter Skin Tone Color Palette

Using tools can greatly aid in selecting the best color combinations

Color Wheel

A basic color wheel can help you understand which colors complement each other and which are analogous, providing a harmonious look.

Palette Apps

Apps like Adobe Color or Coolors allow you to create and preview different color schemes. These tools can be invaluable for visualizing how your chosen colors work together in outfits.

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