The Best Colors for Autumn Skin Tone and How to Wear Them

woman with hand on face - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone
woman with hand on face - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone
woman with hand on face - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone

Dante Kim

May 6th, 2024

Finding the right skin tone colors can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to fall hues. If you’re an Autumn skin tone, then you’re in luck — this season is perfect for you! Using colors that complement your warm undertones can enhance your natural beauty and make you feel comfortable in your skin. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the best colors that you can rock this autumn.

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What Are the Key Characteristics of the Autumn Skin Tone?

man in autumn leaves - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone

The foundation of autumn skin tones lies in warm, golden, or peachy undertones that characterize this skin type. Autumns typically have skin tones ranging from peach to dark beige, with golden undertones dominating. Although some bluish or pinkish tints may be present, the warmth in the skin is predominant. These skin tones are rich and deep, with a low contrast that is not as delicate as spring and summer skin tones. 

Autumns often have dark hair, ranging from deep brown to golden blonde, complementing their warm undertones. Eye colors for autumns include dark browns, deep greens, hazels, and mixed blue and green eyes, all with a deep earth tone quality. Autumns have a light, muted, rich coloring with an overall deep and warm look, making them stand out in a crowd.

Autumn Subcategories: Warm, Soft, and Deep

Within the overarching autumn category, there are three subcategories: 

  • Warm

  • Soft

  • Deep

Warm autumns have a warm, golden undertone with a deep, earthy look. Soft autumns have a muted, low-contrast coloring that appears mousy, with a mix of cool and warm tones. Deep autumns have a high contrast coloring, not as vivid as winters, but still with depth and richness. Each of these subcategories has distinguishing features to help determine the best colors for individuals with autumn skin tones.

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How to Know if You’re an Autumn

Vein Test

Look at the skin on your wrists. Do your veins have a slight greenish hue? If so, you might have warm undertones. This is a quick and easy way to check your skin tone, as warm undertones are a common feature of Autumn skin tones. 

Jewelry Test

Compare how gold versus silver jewelry looks against your skin. If gold jewelry makes your skin glow and silver makes it look dull, you could have an Autumn skin tone. The warm tones in gold complement Autumn skin tones better than the cooler tones in silver.

Color Test

Try on specific colors like true red or orange to see how they complement your skin. If these colors make your skin look vibrant and healthy, you might have an Autumn skin tone. Cold colors like black or pastel pink can highlight imperfections, so if these colors don't work for your skin tone, you're likely an Autumn.

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What Are the Best Colors for Autumn Skin Tone?

person in a garden - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone

In the area of colors for autumn skin tones, I can confidently say that warm earth tones like olive, beige, and various shades of orange are incredibly flattering for individuals with autumn skin tones. These colors complement the golden undertones of warm autumns and create a harmonious blend. In addition, rich and warm colors like burgundy and burnt orange are ideal for enhancing the natural warmth of the skin.

Enhancing Soft Autumn Skin Tones

For those with soft autumn skin tones, it is essential to stick to the most muted colors from the autumn palette. Bright colors may appear garish or clown-like, so it is best to opt for soft tones from both warm and cool spectrums. Soft autumns have a neutral coloring that can look dull without the right colors, so choosing warm hues will help bring out their natural beauty.

Deep Autumn Color Palette

Deep Autumns, on the other hand, look best in the deepest and most vivid colors from the autumn palette. Dark chocolate, tomato red, and pine green are just a few examples of shades that enhance their intense coloring. To create contrast and make a statement, pairing dark colors with brighter hues is recommended. Light pastels and earth tones should be avoided as they may not be strong enough for deep autumns, potentially washing out their complexion.

The Allure of Metallics for Autumn Tones

Metallic colors like gold and copper are also effective for autumn skin tones. They add a touch of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the warm undertones and providing a radiant glow. Deep autumns can particularly benefit from metallic accents as they complement their vivid coloring.

Creating Stunning Looks for Autumn Skin Tones

Understanding the most flattering colors for autumn skin tones can help individuals enhance their natural beauty and make informed choices when selecting their wardrobe. By incorporating warm earth tones, rich colors, jewel tones, and metallic accents, individuals with autumn skin tones can create stunning looks that highlight their unique characteristics and radiate confidence.

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Colors to Wear Cautiously for Autumn Skin Tone

person walking down a street - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone

Avoid Black, White, Blue and Pink. These colors won't work for you. But don’t panic, you can still wear them. Just keep colors from your palette close to your face (in a t-shirt, jumper or foulard). Then you can wear your favorite black coat, with a mustard jumper under it. You can reinvent the white shirt with a pumpkin-colored cardigan that lights up your face with a 70s’ print bandana. You can also use colors outside your palette on the lower half of your body only.

Practical Tips for the Autumn Season Color Palette

different colored leaves - Colors For Autumn Skin Tone

When it comes to incorporating the autumn color palette into your wardrobe for daily wear and special occasions, it's important to keep in mind the warm and rich tones that complement your autumn skin tone. Look for foundational wardrobe items in warm neutral tones such as dark browns, slightly olive greens, beige, and cream. These colors will help you create a cohesive and stylish look that enhances your natural warmth and richness.

Daily Wear Combinations for True Autumn Tones

For daily wear, consider mixing and matching colors in the True Autumn palette. Some combinations that mimic the level of contrast in your appearance include darker neutrals paired with lighter, richer accent colors like medium brown or mustard yellow. Similarly, lighter neutrals can be combined with darker, rich accent colors for a balanced and sophisticated look.

​Special Occasion Colors for Autumn Skin Tones

When it comes to special occasions, opt for warm, rich, and muted hues that are characteristic of the autumn season. Think deep dusty greens, amber and golden shades, autumnal oranges and yellows, dusty rose tones, and red-brown and burgundy colors with a muted richness. These colors will not only complement your autumn skin tone but also elevate your look for any special event.

Accessorizing Strategies Using Autumn-Appropriate Colors

To accessorize with autumn-appropriate colors, think about incorporating warm and rich hues that complement your skin tone. Consider accessories in warm, muted reds, forest greens, harbor blues, dusty lilacs, and russet plum browns with golden undertones. These colors will add depth and interest to your outfit while enhancing your natural warmth and richness.

When choosing accessories, keep in mind that the colors should not clash with your skin tone. Avoid cool, bright tones like pastel pink or ice blue, as well as extremely bright and vibrant colors that may overpower your coloring. Instead, opt for accessories in autumnal shades that harmonize with your skin tone and enhance your overall look.

Makeup and Hair Colors that Complement Autumn Skin Tones

For makeup and hair colors that complement autumn skin tones, consider warm and rich shades that enhance your natural warmth and richness. Look for makeup in warm, muted reds, amber and golden shades, dusty rose tones, and red-brown and burgundy colors. These colors will bring out the best in your skin tone and create a harmonious look.

When it comes to hair colors, opt for shades that complement your autumn skin tone. Consider deep, rich colors like dark browns, warm blacks with a subtle greenish undertone, and dark chocolate browns. These colors will complement your warm coloring and add depth and richness to your hair.

By choosing makeup and hair colors that complement your autumn skin tone, you can enhance your natural beauty and create a cohesive look that showcases your warmth and richness.

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Nail Colors for Autumn Skin

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