10 Best Neutral Skin Tone Colors to Wear & Why They Work

woman with neutral skin tone looking for Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear
woman with neutral skin tone looking for Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear
woman with neutral skin tone looking for Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

Dante Kim

May 9th, 2024

When it comes to selecting skin tone colors to wear, the options can often feel overwhelming. The right hues can enhance your natural complexion, while the wrong ones can make you look dull and washed out. With so many colors and shades on the market, it's essential to know which ones will flatter your skin tone. In this blog post, we'll discuss neutral skin tone colors to wear, helping you unlock the secret to looking your best no matter the occasion.

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What is a Neutral Skin Tone?

woman adjusting her cap - Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

Neutral skin tone is a blend of warm and cool tones for a middle-range tone that is often the same color as your undertone. There are different balances of warm and cool tones, making it challenging to find the best products for your neutral skin tone. By recognizing your skin tone, you can quickly identify the best products for your tone and type. Let's take a closer look at what neutral means regarding skin tones and the distinctive traits that people with neutral skin tones tend to exhibit.

Veins Under the Skin

People with neutral skin tones often have veins under their skin that appear blue or green. Looking at the veins on your wrist can help determine if you have a neutral skin tone. If your veins appear blue, you may have a cool skin tone; if they seem green, you may have a warm skin tone. If your veins appear both blue and green or in a combination of these colors, you likely have a neutral undertone. This trait can help you identify the best colors to wear that complement your neutral skin tone.

Flexibility in Color Choices

Having a neutral skin tone offers flexibility in color choices, as both warm and cool tones can work well with your complexion. You can experiment with various shades of makeup, such as foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadow, to identify the best colors that enhance your natural beauty. Since neutral skin tones blend warm and cool tones, you can wear a wide range of colors without these shades clashing with your skin tone.

Ease of Tanning

Individuals with neutral skin tones often have ease in tanning evenly under the sun. This skin tone type typically tans well without burning quickly, allowing you to achieve a golden tan with minimal effort. Whether spending time outdoors or using self-tanning products, those with neutral skin tones can achieve a beautiful sun-kissed glow while maintaining skin health.

By understanding what neutral means in the context of skin tones and recognizing distinctive traits that people with neutral skin tones tend to exhibit, you can confidently choose the best colors to wear that complement your complexion. This knowledge can help you select makeup, clothing, and accessories that enhance your natural beauty and style.

How to Confirm You Have a Neutral Skin Tone

woman enjoying the view - Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

When determining what your skin tone is, nothing is more important than the undertone. The undertone of your skin is actually the tone below the surface, which combines with the tone of your skin on the surface to create the color that you see at first glance.

There are three main undertones, warm, cool, and neutral. Warm tones are peach, light yellow, or orange tone. Cool tones are blue or pink. When you have a neutral undertone, that means that the tone on the surface of your skin is similar to your undertone, as well. Here are a few ways to determine what your skin’s undertone is.

Look at Your Veins

One of the best ways to determine what your skin undertone might be is to look at your veins. The color of your veins can provide valuable information about your skin tone and type. Green veins indicate a warm undertone. Blue veins appear in people who have cool skin tones. If you have evidence of both green and blue skin tones, that is a good indication that you have a neutral skin tone.

Check Your Jewelry Box

In addition to looking at your veins, you can determine if your skin is neutral, warm, or cool by looking at the jewelry that is most flattering on your skin. People who have a cool skin tone will gravitate toward silver jewelry, whereas individuals who have warm skin tone will lean toward gold. If you find that they both look equally as flattering, that means you have a neutral tone.

Raid Your Wardrobe

Clothing can be helpful for finding your skin tone and undertone, as well. When you pick out bright colors, like bright whites and blacks, you usually have a cool undertone. Off-white and off-black, as well as brown colors, are more flattering on individuals with a cool undertone. As with jewelry, if you see no difference in how the clothing looks on your skin, you likely have a neutral undertone.

Unlocking Your Style Potential with WhatColors' Skin Tone Analysis

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10 Best Neutral Skin Tone Colors to Wear

woman smiling back - Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

1. Mauve

This soft, muted shade looks fantastic on neutral skin tones because it enhances your complexion without overwhelming your natural undertones.

2. Dusty blush

The subtle pinkish hue adds a hint of vibrancy without being too overpowering, creating a delicate balance for your skin tone

3. Champagne

A warm, light beige color complements neutral undertones beautifully, giving your skin a natural, radiant glow. 

4. Mint

This fresh, cool green shade works well for neutral skin tones, bringing out the natural vibrancy of your complexion. 5. Blue lagoon: A calming blue-green color that enhances your natural complexion, making it well-suited for neutral skin tones and brightening your overall look.

5. Black

A timeless color that works well for everyone, regardless of skin tone.

6. Charcoal gray

A sophisticated shade that pairs perfectly with neutral skin tones, creating a chic and versatile look.

7. Ivory

A light, creamy color that complements various skin tones, especially neutral undertones, enhancing your natural features.

8. Navy blue

A classic color that looks great on neutral skin tones, adding depth and richness to your overall appearance.

9. Camel

This warm, earthy tone flatters neutral skin beautifully, creating a harmonious and balanced look for any occasion.

10. Chocolate brown

A rich, deep color that works well for many people, including those with neutral skin tones, adding warmth and depth to your complexion.

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5 Colors to Avoid if You Have a Neutral Skin Tone

woman in a good color - Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

1. Bright, neon colors

Some vibrant shades may overpower or clash with neutral skin tones. Opt for more subdued versions of neon hues.

2. Very pale pastels

Extremely light pastels might wash out neutral skin tones. Choose slightly deeper pastels to create more contrast.

3. Harsh, cool grays

Cool-toned grays could be too stark against neutral skin undertones. Warm grays or taupe shades are better choices.

4. Icy blues and greens

Extremely cool shades of blue and green may not complement neutral skin tones. Consider warmer tones like teal or olive green instead.

5. Pure white

White can sometimes make neutral skin tones appear dull. Off-white or cream shades could be more flattering options.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Colors for a Neutral Skin Tone

makeup brush and Neutral Skin Tone Colors To Wear

When it comes to finding the perfect foundation for neutral skin tones, it’s essential to look for shades labeled as “neutral” or “beige.” These shades will closely match your skin tone, providing a seamless and natural finish. Opt for a foundation that blends effortlessly into your skin for a flawless look. For concealer, it’s best to choose a shade that matches your skin tone to cover any blemishes or dark circles. This will help create an even complexion and hide any imperfections, giving you a fresh and polished appearance.

Choose the Right Blush Shade

Neutral skin tones can enhance their natural beauty with the right blush shade. For a warm, healthy flush, consider choosing a peach blush that complements your skin’s undertones. If you prefer a softer look, a rose or dusty pink blush can add a subtle pop of color to your cheeks, creating a natural and radiant appearance.

Embrace Lipstick Colors That Complement Neutral Skin Tones

Lipsticks can truly enhance your neutral skin tone, so choose your shades wisely. Nude lipsticks work well on neutral skin tones, providing a subtle and natural look. Mauve or dusty rose lipstick shades can also enhance your lips, offering a touch of elegance to your overall makeup look.

Eyeshadows that Enhance Your Neutral Skin Tone

When it comes to eyeshadows for neutral skin tones, warm browns like caramel, taupe, and other earthy hues can accentuate your eyes while maintaining a natural and effortless look. For a softer, more radiant look, consider using a light champagne eyeshadow on your eyelids. If you’re feeling more adventurous, plum or burgundy shades can add a touch of drama and sophistication to your eye makeup.

Define Your Eyes with Eyeliner and Mascara

To define your eyes without overpowering your neutral skin tone, opt for brown eyeliner. This softer alternative to black eyeliner provides definition without looking too harsh. For longer and fuller lashes, black mascara can help accentuate your eyes, adding volume and length for a striking look.

Enhance Your Features with the Right Highlighter

Adding a subtle highlight to your face can elevate your neutral skin tone and bring out your natural radiance. Consider using a champagne or gold highlighter on the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone, and cupid’s bow. This will create a luminous glow that enhances your features and completes your makeup look.

Try AI Personal Color Analysis For Free Today

WhatColors is a revolutionary app that helps you find the perfect colors to wear based on your skin tone. Our patented color-match technology helps you discover your season based on your skin tone and provides you with recommendations for the best colors to wear. By using our app, you can avoid colors that are not flattering for your skin tone and always look your best. 

Discover Your Season with WhatColors

WhatColors uses advanced AI technology to analyze your skin, eye, and hair color, and determine your season. Whether you are a winter, summer, spring, or fall, WhatColors will help you identify your season and provide you with a color palette that suits you best. Say goodbye to trial and error when it comes to selecting the perfect colors to wear with WhatColors.

Find the Perfect Nail Colors with WhatColors Nail Color Generator

Not only does WhatColors help you find the best clothing colors for your skin tone, but it also has a Nail Color Generator that suggests the perfect nail colors for you. By inputting your skin tone, eye color, and hair color, you can discover the ideal nail polish shades to complement your look. With WhatColors, you can confidently choose nail colors that enhance your overall appearance.

Transform Your Style with WhatColors

Unlock your perfect colors today with WhatColors and transform your style effortlessly. Download our app for free on the App Store or Google Play store and say goodbye to the guesswork of choosing the right colors for your skin tone. Let WhatColors guide you to a wardrobe filled with flattering colors that make you look and feel your best.

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